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Nov 14, 2009 3:30pm EST
into the process, what we have seen over the past several months is a united states president stepping out in his early days of his administration, making a strong commitment to achieve a comprehensive israeli- palestinian agreement. nt to achieve a prehencive israeli/political agreement. appointing a -- senator george mitchell as special envoy. a three snat signal that the president and the senator were determined to move forward quickly. and finally our last thanks. that this administration will stand the course, notwithstanding the difficulties that has occurred. however, the last several months towards achieving an end of a conflict and a two-state solution. notwithstanding this commitment and the clear determination of the u.s. administration. on the politician side we have seen in recent days president mahmoud abbas indicating he will not only not run for re-election, but that he may well step down as president. of the yunsy the beginning of a major pairtime shift on the palestinian scene. are we now looking at a sober reality that there really is no partner for people there on the israeli
Nov 1, 2009 3:30pm EST
to the administration. >> again, let's step back. right now the congress of the united states has given more than four federal agencies and a whole number of other agencies the power to do consumer protection. they just did not do it well, and we're proposing to consolidate that responsibility in one place so it can be done better. now, outside of consumer protection, we're proposing to make sure the government has the same tools to manage risks it now has in small banks and tlifts for institutions that define our financial system and can bring the economy to the edge of collapse. that's a necessary function for governments to do because banks can pose enormous risk. if you don't constrain the risk taking of banks, we'll be con signed to repeat the crisis we just went through. >> i yield back. >> the gentleman from california. >> thank you. mr. secretary you submitted about 900 pages of proposed legislation. i strongly agree with well over 90%. i commend your work and that of your staff and the chairman and his staff. i hope my colleagues have gotten this "dear colleague" letter i've distributed. if a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2